The Still Life

by Kevin King

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Recorded in my bedroom throughout the fall of 2013. Cassette's by Disposable America. More to come soon.


released January 21, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by myself.
Cassette Tapes by Disposable America.
Cover photo by myself.



all rights reserved


Kevin King Somerville, Massachusetts

Not quite folk, not quite pop.

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Track Name: Will I?
Sunlight on my front porch, I am alive for the first time.
We both saw crooked signs so we showed our teeth in the meantime.
Dead leaves by my backdoor, I am inside trying to fight my eyes and they fall to lines and succumb to sleep I cannot hide.
Wind blows down the side-streets through my spine, when the fall arrives will I fall behind or will I thrive?
Track Name: On Your Mind
The only thing that comes naturally to you in due time doesn't seem all that alright.
With a kick to the guy you're sticking pins in your own side.
Safety isn't on your mind tonight.
You burn so quietly as you wait and watch the clock dissolve to days
I know you know because you've knocked on this door before.
You can't believe in only the simple things, they'll never save you from what you've been meaning to get to.
They'll never let you get out of the bedroom
Bloom and regroup, bloom and be you because we are getting to the age where we will collapse and just fade away. I know you know.
You've knocked on this door before but they're not answering it anymore.
Track Name: Bottom Out
I'm sick of counting down the minutes and moments until I bottom out. What is keeping me around this dead end town. I'm exploring foreign ground from here on out.
He couldn't talk me down so I chewed him up and then spit him out. I'm the shadow of your doubt when you're falling down. How long until you've found a better place to lay your head down?

Spare us both the agony of your temper tantrums boiling, pouring over me, it's an anger I've never seen.
Save me from this cheap perfume and tell me what you have left to prove. Don't tell me who is confused when you're the one who has always been changing hue.
What happened to truth? I never really knew you.
Track Name: Nothing New
Where else can I go? I'm seeing old houses in row stretching past the banks of snow. Am I no better than those who dwell between their walls? I am one of them after all. The city collapses into sprawl and all the kids are plastic dolls. They crawl along the street like monsters dancing next to me, and we sing.
What a price we pay for things we will only throw away. They pile up but they're not enough to make a charming display. Pride can get confused, you say "a pretty face should wear pretty shoes." You're doing you for you but that's a sad excuse, it's more like self-abuse. If there is evil within me then there is evil within everybody.
That's nothing new to you.
Bless this sorry mess that you have created in your chest. I swear you're not depressed you just feel bad at best and you're a little remote.
But my fingers and my toes are aching over every note. It's like my frame is composed of paper, glue and hope so I hide it all under clothes.
But there's still love somewhere in me, so there must be love in everybody
But that's nothing new to you.
Track Name: Riptide
The heat is on. It lingers in my walls and it's profound how the sweat smells just like gasoline. Your hands are on your knees, oh, what a sin. We only exist in these awkward conversations.
The T.V. is off but it settles in my floorboards like a spell and the time moves in such awful palpitations.
Now stagger on, sweet staggering beauty.
The halos we've stitched to our skulls aren't half of what they seem to be.

So lets gamble on the edge of what we'll say and raise the stakes.
Bury me beneath your charming ways and teach me how to love and trust the same things.
The radiator is working overtime and the moon won't let up, it's drawing every wide eye toward the sky. It's like a cruel riptide.
Track Name: The Still Life
There is a line in the sand and I can't help crossing it.
I just stare with parted hands, a fallen fraction of a man recognizing where I stand as the flaw in a perfect plan.
A moment from a dream became the nightmare inside of me but I'm too lazy to be discrete so I'd better bury this one deep because it's turning back on me.

I do what I should to keep these thoughts irregular and I'll do what you might need to keep the still life from swallowing what's reminding you of me. I'd better bury this one deep to help me fall asleep for once and to remind myself to believe in better things.
Track Name: Bones
Sleeping at the oldest house we've known. I swear to God that night we were the keepers of the throne. My head hung loose inside an empty frame and when I cracked my eyes I swear to God yours looked the same. My bony hands are loose and yours to claim.
But there are too many ways to blow this town away, let's ditch these crowded graves. What do you say?
Maybe we are too young for two dead bodies to redefine the meaning of show and tell.
My fingernails are just like yours and these worms aren't half worth waiting for. Dig until you can't dig anymore.
There's too many ways to blow this town away, let's ditch these crowded graves. What do you say?
Track Name: Enough
With every bad decision is an equally bad thought buried somewhere in a mind that's working around the clock.
With every perfect ending is a place to start it fresh, so clear your mind and allow some time and let yourself progress.

I always make mistakes, they're just the product of my fear. Well I've been dancing around this for years...I hope the coast is clear.
But enough is enough. I've had it up to the halo above my head. Your fallen angel is finally dead and you wanted more than to get used to it.

This hate won't be gone for long but there is still hope in the core of this rock we've been living on.
Track Name: Gentrify Me Later
To build it up you've got to tear it down or sit and watch it crumble to the ground. If you don't like the taste in your mouth then just spit it out.
The clock is measured in years, we sit and watch the weeks disappear. Another day has been engineered, flip the switch and it's nice here.
Soon there will be salons, fancy bars and restaurants and beer cans on the lawn. Going, going, gone.
There are things that seem worse to me. They've been doing drugs while the city sleeps and all of the kids are pulling needles from their feet. Those junkies never miss a beat. They've got their bases covered deep.
It's sweet to see some change in this town finally...